Looks like Beast Mode 2 is dropping soon:

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If you didn't already know, Future stays in the studio, recording like there's no tomorrow. Occasionally he posts updates of what he's working on to Snapchat, and last night he gave fans another preview of what he's got cooking up with Zaytoven the legend. The video itself captures more of the song's lead-in than anything else, but the brief Future parts indicate that it's got plenty of bounce.

Future's got a long history with one of the original trap producers. Zay's produced on classic tapes like Dirty Sprite and Streetz Callin, and in 2015 they dropped Beast Mode, one of Future's best bodies of work to date.

Future got the new year off to an unprecedented start, dropping his mixtape Purple Reign and album EVOL within three weeks of each other. Things have cooled down for the prolific rapper though, with the above snippet being the first look at Future's new tunes since he published his own preview on April 10. Back in March, it was first reported that Future was back in the studio, with videos appearing on Snapchat showing a blinged out wrist and new music playing. Future is known for recording and releasing at a break neck pace, so one can only assume the kind of output a month-plus in the lab would yield.

Just this weekend, it was announced that Future and Drake would be hitting the road together for their Summer Sixteen tour, with Future likely having new music to perform before things kick off in July. Listen to the snippet from Future and Zaytoven up above.

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