After collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on "Don't Wanna Know" in October, Maroon 5 is back with another high-profile rapper, dropping their new single "Cold" featuring Future today (Feb. 14).

The song drop comes at the same time that Future announced that he will release a self-titled album this Friday (Feb. 17). The rapper is making his return to the spotlight a crossover event.

The song itself speaks to a relationship losing heat and it's hard not to understand Future's verse within the context of his own life, his breakup with Ciara playing out in the news and only reaching a resolution last month, when the two agreed to a child custody settlement. While Future has referenced the break-up in the past, he more often characterizes himself as cold.

On the new song, which was produced by Benny Blanco and Steve Mac, he raps, "Trying to stay, and I leave/Saying that you need some time to breath/Thinking that I'm sleeping on the four letter word/But the four letter word don't sleep/We goin' two separate ways/You ain't been actin' the same."

Listen to "Cold" below, with the band set to perform the new song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow. The track is available to download via iTunes and stream across all platforms. There's no word yet if Future will be joining Adam Levine and the rest of the crew come Wednesday (Feb. 15).

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