Future is a man on a mission. Today (Feb. 22), the Atlanta MC delivers the music video for "Draco," one of the standout cuts from his new self-titled album.

The "Draco" visual opens at a video arcade, where a child version of Future steals a nerdy looking kid's girlfriend thanks to some expert gaming skills. Then, the music video fast forward to the present day, where the 33-year-old rapper enlists a squad of female soldiers to carry out crimes for Hendrix.

In terms of the song itself, Future raps about regaining his focus, filling his body with codeine, and chillin' with a multitude of women.

"I'm focused, I'm back on my mission/Flex on a nigga, no apologies," Future spits. "Molly Off-White, done got a league/Playing hockey with the ice in the Major League/35 bitches at the St. Reg/Fall back shooter like KD/Back in the kitchen with the Curry/Pullin' up wit Xan, can't hurt me/Pineapple drink lookin' syrupy/56 nights, I was dirty/Styrofoam cups servin' patients."

The DS2 rapper is definitely back on his grind. After releasing the aforementioned album, he's already gearing up to drop another project on Fri., Feb. 24. The 17-song body of work is titled HNDRXX, and while the tracklist and potential features are still a mystery, it's sure to contain some bangers.


The "Draco" visual follows the video releases of "Poppin' Tags" and "Super Trapper," two other songs from the new album. Check out the four-minute long "Draco" video below via YouTube.

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