accused Drake of having someone else pen his rhymes, Funkmaster Flex set out to find the truth. Yesterday evening (July 22), the Hot 97 host hopped on Twitter to make a special announcement. "I got the ghostwriter," said Flex. "How much he's making and what songs he wrote... Tonight 7pm."

credited in the liner notes as a co-writer for six songs on Drizzy's 
If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. OVO producer Noah "40" Shebib recently
responded to these allegations, saying, "If you're asking if [Q] contributed to if you're reading this... Yes, he did. You can also see that by reading the credits."

"I got this from someone in Drake's camp," said Flex about the audio."They reached out. They saw me keeping it 100 on [Instagram.]" Funk's unidentified source also claims that Drizzy has Quentin on retainer for $5,000 per month. The Young Money rapper himself hasn't publicly responded to the recent allegations. He has thrown a little shade via Instagram, saying, "I signed up for greatness, this comes with it," while speaking with battle rapper Hitman Holla.

Take a listen to Quentin's "10 Bands" below. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.