French Montana had a hard time while on stage performing with the K-Pop band Monsta X, and their fans let him know it.

On Friday (Aug. 9), a fan posted on Twitter a video snippet of Monsta X performing their song “Who Do You Love?” which features French Montana, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Everything seems to be going well for the Korean boy band until French pops up onstage to spit his verse.

In the clip, the Bronx rapper appears to have forgotten portions of his verse to the song. It also looks like French was having problems with his earpiece but he managed to rap a few lines to his verse before quickly leaving the stage.

French's mishap onstage apparently led Monsta X to perform the song again. For their second go-around, the 34-year-old rapper appeared to have his lyrics down.

Nevertheless, fans of Monsta X fans were highly upset over French’s initial subpar performance and bashed him on Twitter.

"Some of the members of monsta x don’t speak english and they did their best to memorize ENGLISH lyrics and DID AMAZING and then French Montana KNOWS english and yet couldn’t memorize the lyrics? Wtf how?! The unprofessionalism jumped out," tweeted one angry fan.

"He should’ve just kept his ass backstage," wrote another person.

XXL has reached out to French's camp for comment.

You can watch Monsta X and French Montana's performance below. Also, we posted some of the fans' angry reactions to French's performance below.

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