It's a family GBE affair.

Fredo Santana, Chief Keef, Ballout and Tadoe unite for a new song “Go Live.” The song, which is produced by Southside, finds the rapper spitting venom over loud bass and trap drums. GBE is represented fully on this track.

"No Instagram it can go live/I dont fuck with niggas that play both sides/I can smell the dope when we drove past/Stopped to get some Backwoods and some more gas/Bitch I'm fresher than a fucking Hebrew/If you owe me I see you/Walking Valentino, get a tattoo/
Yellow, black whip call it Pikachu," he raps.

The high energy track appears to be a possible posse cut for Fredo's upcoming Fredo Kruger 2 mixtape, the sequel to 2013’s Fredo Krueger project. Fredo previously dropped “Kill You on Camera” earlier this week, also produced by Southside.

Chief Keef made a recent appearance on Vic Mensa’s new album, The Autobiography, on the track “Down for Some Ignorance” with Joey Purp.

Bump "Go Live" below.

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