Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles dropped by The Combat Jack Show and, unsurprisingly, had a plethora of stories to share with Jack's audience. The two hour interview touched on Foxxx's relationship with many of hip-hop's biggest stars and, interestingly, his thoughts on the anger displayed by Tupac towards The Notorious B.I.G. and New York.

Pac was angry at New York because of what had happened to him,” said Bumpy. “I thought Biggie was one of the coolest guys that I ever met in hip-hop history. Just knowing who he was alone I don’t believe that so much anger towards him was necessary. Cause he’s an easy dude to talk to. And I didn’t really get a chance to build with Pac about that because when he got out of jail he was on the West Coast for most of that time. And when he did come to New York it was around I think the MTV Awards or something like that.”

Foxxx also touched on Dame Dash's current crusade against "culture vultures" and claimed that everything Dash is doing, Freddie had already done in the '90s:

“I been saying it since the '90s,” Foxxx said. “Everything Damon Dash was talking about right now, I was talking about that in the '90s. So, everything that everybody so in an uproar about now I was saying that in the '90s. And I attribute that to they hadn’t gone through it yet. You know what I mean? Some of these guys were actually working with the same people that now they can’t stand when I was telling em ‘Yo, these guys are devils, man. They snakes. And it’s how they play the game.’ When you go in as an artist into a record company. And you know this. You go in gung-ho ready to be successful at it. It’s like you’re a pawn. You’re just a pawn. They send you on these promotional runs. It’s a lot of budget stealing going on..."

When Freddie Foxxx speaks, you best listen so be sure to give the full interview a spin.

[The Combat Jack Show]

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