The truth will always come to light. After years of having his records magically disappear, a collection of Jay Z’s master recordings ranging from $15-20 million dollars were found, according to TMZ.

Chauncey Mahan, a engineer for Jay-Z during 1998-2002, is the man behind the mischievous plot. He was questioned Friday in connection to the master recordings.

During 1998-2002, a plethora of records were made between Jay Z and engineer Chauncey Mahan. In 2002, the records were said to go missing, leading to Roc-A-Fella’s headman to believe that they were forever gone, when in reality, the recordings were always in the hands of Mahan.

Friday, Mahan contacted Live Nation and said he would auction the once lost masters, if he wasn’t paid $100K in “storage fee” from Jay’s label Roc Nation. Sources close to the situation said that Mahan agreed to $75K and that he would hand the records off at the storage facility to Hov’s people.

Little did he know, he was being duped the entire time during the transaction, because Jay Z ordered LAPD to show up at the storage facility to meet him. This resulted in Mahan being detained and questioned. The records were also taken away and given to LAPD in hopes of a judge determining its ownership later down the line.-Carl Lamarre