David Duke isn't too happy with Famous Dex and Lil Tracy right now, and given his history as a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan, that's not particularly surprising. However, what Duke says he's upset about specifically is a picture the two rappers took with fans at some point over the last few weeks.

In the photo, both Dex and Tracy stick their tongues just inches away from what appears to be a teenage girl. Duke screenshotted the photo on Twitter, captioning it, "Interesting what FaceBook deems appropriate, up to (((their))) standards - and then, what they don't. Her parents failed, miserably."

If Duke cares even a little bit about how people perceive him to be a racist, he'll probably maintain that he's simply pointing out what he believes are Facebook's double standards about what is and isn't appropriate.

But things don't happen in a vacuum, and given Duke's history, plenty of other folks might think a few other things are the motivation for his post. You can make your own decision by checking out the post for yourself below.

In other Famous Dex-related news, the rapper recently revealed the release date for his forthcoming debut album titled Dex Meet Dexter. In a tweet from this past weekend, the "Windmill" performer wrote, "Dex Meet Dexter" The Album 🙉🙈 6-17-2k17," indicating this new project will drop roughly three months from now on June 17.

Lil Tracy, hot off his dope Tracy's Manga mixtape from Feb. and his follow-up project with Lil Peep Castles IIis set to drop a new project on March 31.

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