About 29 years ago, the Ice-T delivered a thought-provoking idea about the parameters of the U.S. First Amendment when he titled his third studio album, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say! Specifically speaking, that part after the ellipsis.

For Pat Edmonson, whom the Sun-Sentinel reports recently resigned from her post as Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation District vice chair after some inflammatory comments she directed at an army veteran, the words hold particular weight, so she quoted them in her resignation letter.

Addressing the comments, which purportedly saw Edmonson accuse the army vet of being a "traitor" for supporting President Donald Trump, Edmonson explained that her comments were inexcusable before evoking Ice-T's immortal words about technically being able to say whatever you want, but also having to suffer the consequences.

"As the rapper Ice-T said nearly three decades ago when speaking about free speech in America, ‘Freedom of speech, but watch what you say,'" she wrote in the open letter, addressing comments directed at the army vet through a Facebook conversation.

At the time Ice-T dropped off The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say!, he had already made a name for himself as someone who was always willing to say whatever was on his mind. For him, that was the perils of police brutality and life in the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. That mentality occasionally got Ice-T in some trouble, but ultimately, everything worked out.

For her part, Edmonson has reportedly apologized to the army vet, and he apparently accepted the apology. It's something.

Check out all of what Edmonson had to say about her comments and the nature of the 1st Amendment below.

“Given the enormity of the reaction to my indefensible Facebook comments to CSM Plowman, I am submitting my resignation as Vice Chair of the PB Soil & Water Conservation District. It has been an honor to serve with my colleagues on the District and to serve the people of Palm Beach County. However, I cannot allow collateral damage from my actions to harm the District, its employees, or the outstanding work done by the District.

I have personally apologized to CSM Plowman for my highly offensive remarks. I have no defense for the comments made to one person on a social media platform at a specific point in time. My comments have been globalized to assert that they represent my feelings towards veterans and the military; which they do not. My comments have been politicized by others to further their own agendas. Do my foolish and highly regrettable comments rise to the level of receiving death threats, does the punishment fit the crime? I will leave that question to wiser minds than mine. I made a terrible mistake; I apologized to the person I wronged.

As the rapper Ice-T said nearly three decades ago when speaking about free speech in America, ‘Freedom of speech, but watch what you say.’”

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