As rescue missions go, this one is a bit bizarre. A video that has been floating around on the Internet for a few days now appears to show Flavor Flav in a bank, counting the money necessary to bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail. It kicked around several blog outlets, eventually being reposted on Shmurda's Instagram account, which has been renamed (in a way that makes no reference to GS9 affiliations) and scrubbed of a great deal of its posts. There is no word on who is operating the page, which urges business inquiries to be sent via DM. "We comin' to get you, Shmurda," Flav says in the video, flashing wads of cash. The younger rapper is awaiting trial on more than 60 charges, which include drug and weapons violations, all the way up to murder and conspiracy. The trial is set to start October 5.

All that said, the bail is by no means a sure thing. Flavor Flav, famous first as the hype man and eccentric center of Public Enemy and later as a reality TV star, has run into his own host of legal problems. According to TMZ, Las Vegas police discovered cocaine in Flav's system after a May DUI arrest. (It was previously reported that he was arrested for driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, driving without registration, driving with an open container and possession of marijuana.)

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