Fetty Wap's baby mama drama has made its way into the public once again with the mother of his daughter Zaviera recently taking to Twitter to bash the rapper for being absent in their child's life.

We are not sure what got her started, but Lezhae Zeona, went slam off on Twitter yesterday (July 16). "Now I'm really puttin in work to make sure my daughter don't ever end up like Alexis or yaya that shit is just sad," she typed. "And I'm puttin in overtime to make sure she don't ever meet a nigga like her father."

She continued with a series of tweets calling the rapper out for rarely seeing their daughter, letting her and the baby get put out of a relative's home they were staying in and saying the people in his inner circle are fake.

This isn't the first time Wap and Zeona have had an issue that went public. Last year, video surfaced of the two arguing in the street.

The Jersey rap crooner has had issues with his other child's mother Masika Kalysha in the past as well. The "My Way" rapper initially denied he was the father when she announced she was pregnant with his child last year. He eventually manned up and apologized after admitting to having unprotected sex with the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. They welcomed their baby girl in late March and seem to be on good terms now.

As for his other BM, check out her entire lengthy diatribe, below.

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