Fetty Wap released his brand-new mixtape titled Zoovier. The 19-track mixtape features guest appearance from Monty, Khaos, J. Porshea, Drebo, Trouble, Bric Baby, 21 Savage, Lil Joe, 4K Tayy and Juugman. The wide array of artists from different areas in the country will surely make this project an interesting listen. Fetty isn't looking to replicate the radio-friendly music he previously released. This tape is for the streets and is filled with underground bangers. Listen to the full mixtape above.

Wap‘s self-titled debut album went platinum earlier this year. His debut album was heavily propelled by radio smashes “679” featuring fellow Remy Boy Monty, “My Way” and of course, the single that started it all, “Trap Queen.”

With all that success, Fetty has been living the lavish life. In October the New Jersey native showed up to Cedar Grove Municipal Court in Cedar Grove, N. J, with $165,000 to pay off $360 in outstanding debts. The former XXL Freshman later paid $80,000 on new teeth. Fetty went to see Dr. Mojgan Fajiram of Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in New York City. Dr. Fajiram gave Fetty 20 porcelain veneers, which cost $4,000 per tooth.

XXL also spoke to Fetty Wap back in August and he gave us details of his sophomore album, King Zoo.

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