This seems to be a lesson that continues to repeat itself. School boards don't look too favorably on principals appearing in or associating with rap videos. Back in October, a high school vice principal lost her job after appearing in J.R. and Trey Songz's video for "Best Friend," and now a principal in Paterson is under similar fire.

As North Jersey's The Record is reporting, Zatiti Moody, the principal of operations at Paterson's Eastside High School, was placed on paid administrative leave following the release of Fetty Wap's video for "Wake Up," which was shot in the halls and classrooms of Eastside. While Moody is suspended, district officials will look into whether school policies were adhered to when permission was given for the video to be shot inside the high school after school hours. The provocative dancing and apparent marijuana use shown has given the district superintendent cause for concern.

“We need to wake our children up about education, not something like this that I think is just a step over lewdness,” Errol Kerr, a veteran school board member, said. At the video's start, a caption seems to celebrate the fact that Fetty dropped out of Eastside. There is a split among the adults and students of Eastside as to whether the video is a positive representation or not.

“Everybody was amazed and so happy Fetty Wap came back to Eastside,” 17-year-old Julissa Fabian, a senior, said after class. “Because he represents Paterson. His music is for teenagers and mature people, not for children. Everybody’s entitled to do what they like. You can’t tell someone else how to live their life.”

The question remains though, if the correct procedures were followed in granting Fetty use of the facilities. Read the full story, which includes many more quotes, over at

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