Fetty Wap is everywhere, but we don't know anything about him. We know he's from New Jersey. We know he was one eye. We know he's the best rapper in the American League Central. We know that he was implicated in a bizarre incident where a group of people beat up a convenience store clerk. And we also know that the 2015 XXL Freshman, without a prominent album, EP or mixtape to his name, has two of the most unescapable songs in the country right now. Now, in an interview with Big Boy on Los Angeles radio station 92.3, he teases "something big"--something, he promises, with Drake. Having previously worked with the famous Canadian on the "My Way" remix, Fetty wouldn't specify what exactly is in the pipeline, but if it's anything like the commercial juggernaut "My Way" proved to be, it should be another in the long line of stepping stones for the young artist.

Beyond that, Fetty Wap talked about taking Ubers in other states and hearing his song in the car, no aux cord necessary. He also revealed that, when "Trap Queen" hit 100,000 Soundcloud plays a few months after its release, an acquaintance encouraged him to sell it to a publishing company for $50,000. "I got that on me right now," the rapper cracked. Fetty made two other revelations: that Taylor Swift gave him some sage business advice (he didn't get her number because she has a boyfriend) and that he doesn't do more traveling than he has to, because his daughter is still so young.



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