In case you haven't noticed from years of shenanigans and meltdowns, Kanye West is the type of dude who needs attention on him at all times. And last night (Feb. 15), during the 58th Annual Grammy Awards was no exception.

Even though 'Ye and his famous wife, Kim Kardashian, were not in attendance for the ceremony, the Chicago rapper was unleashing a firestorm of tweets boasting about his personal successes, his debts and his new album, The Life of Pablo. One of the most outlandish declarations 'Ye made was that he asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas because he was apparently in deep debt. And still, Yeezus rattled off claims about buying his family furs and houses.

In response, Yeezy fans and Iiternet trolls alike started the #OutBoastKanye hashtag to poke fun at his vapid declarations. Yes, fans came up with the most mundane accomplishments to hype themselves up to show the rapper just how annoying he was being on social media.

From getting approved for credit cards to buying their own coffee, Twitter users had the most hilarious responses to Kanye's lunacy. #OutBoastKanye started to trend nationally on Twitter just before the night's ceremony, trumping talk of Kendrick Lamar's nominations or red carpet arrivals.

And even with West being a trending topic for the last few days, it doesn't seem like he's making his money's worth on his current LP. A new report shows that T.L.O.P. has been illegally downloaded more the 500,000 times since its official debut on Tidal on Valentine's Day. But no love lost, right?

Check out the funniest fan tweets from #OutBoastKanye.

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