Fetty Wapp may have satisfied a crowd of college students at South Padre Island, Texas with a special Spring Break performance, but one student claimed that they didn't get the show he paid for.

In a video published to Twitter Wednesday (March 20), the New Jersey rapper is confronted by a disgruntled fan who accused the rapper of ending his set early. Instead of losing his cool, Fetty Wap reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash.

The video shows Fetty approaching a group of fans after he allegedly heard someone in the group yell "Fuck your set." After the fan made his plea, the Remy Boyz chief began to walk away to avoid any problems. Before Fetty cleared the scene, the fan yelled out that he paid $40 to watch the rapper perform.

That's when Fetty felt compelled to turn around and respond to the fan's accusations. Although his security guard was ready to prevent the rapper from retaliating, Fetty helped defuse the situation by chucking $100 bills at a few of the fans.

"How many of y'all it is?" Fetty said as he sorted through his wad of cash and prepared to toss some bills.

Fetty Wap has been a national commodity for all Spring Break festivities since his single "Trap Queen" became a chart-topping hit back in 2015. Back in January, Fetty kicked off 2019 with his heartfelt record "Hold On". He's also preparing to drop a joint project with Skinnyfromthe9.

Watch Fetty Wap throw cash at some disgruntled fans below.

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