Famous Dex left a lasting impression during a show at the University of California-Irvine on Saturday night (Oct. 20), but not one that will be remembered fondly. The rapper reportedly sparked a stampede that ended the show and later pulled a gun on concertgoers who were surrounding his car.

Dex was one of the artists on the lineup for the annual Shocktoberfest that was headlined by YG. According to reports, during the Bomtpon rapper's set, Dex dove into the crowd sparking a stampede. Because of the safety hazard the stage dive caused, organizers cut the show early. As Dex went to leave in his car, students surrounded the whip. Footage of the incident shows the rapper telling the mob to back away from his vehicle. "Get the fuck away from this car," the "Japan" rapper warns. He then appears to reach in the console and pull out a gun before flashing it to the crowd.

Campus police were told about the incident and notified the public via a Twitter post. "Male 25 yr 5'11 seen inside wht veh poss plate# 8BBT053 with a gun at pereira & w peltason, call 911 if veh seen," they tweeted.

Around an hour later, they gave the all-clear announcement. "Campus all clear, vehicle believed to have left the area," the next tweet read. Dex has yet to address the incident on social media.

Check out video of the wild scene and UCI PD's pubic response below.

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