Faith Evans moved on from her issues with Lil Kim a long time ago. The singer told DJ Whoo Kid that her beef with Kim ended the moment when The Notorious B.I.G. died.

"My issues with Kim really went out the window when B.I.G. passed, to be quite honest," Evans said. "It's something that people always kind of talk about, but it's certainly nonexistent. Thankfully now, she's in a different place where she can kind of receive how I was already feeling. It's all good."

Evans explained that she was very happy to have Kim involved in The King & I project because she wanted to work with Kim for years. The former Bad Boy artist also said she was never aware of Kim's sneak disses.

"I never catch it," she told Whoo Kid. "You telling me something now. I never caught the shade. But you know, I don't be looking at that."

Evans and Biggie's The King & I album is scheduled to drop on May 19. Check out the tracklist and watch Evans' interview with Whoo Kid below.

The King & I tracklist

1. “A Billion”
2. “Legacy”
3. “Beautiful” (Interlude)
4. “Can’t Get Enough”
5. “Don’t Test Me”
6. “Big/Faye” (Interlude) – featuring Jamal Woolard
7. “Tryna Get By”
8. “The Reason”
9. “I Don’t Want It” – featuring Lil Cease
10. “I Got Married” (Interlude) – featuring Mama Wallace
11. “Wife Commandments”
12. “We Just Clicked” (Interlude) – featuring Mama Wallace
13. “A Little Romance”
14. “The Baddest” (Interlude)
15. “Fool For You”
16. “Crazy” (Interlude) – featuring 112 and Mama Wallace
17. “Got Me Twisted”
18. “When We Party” – featuring Snoop Dogg
19. “Somebody Knows” – featuring Busta Rhymes
20. “Take Me There” – featuring Sheek Louch and Styles P
21. “One In The Same”
22. “I Wish” (Interlude) – featuring Kevin McCall and Chyna Tahjere
23. “Lovin You For Life” – featuring Lil Kim
24. “NYC” – featuring Jadakiss
25. “It Was Worth It”

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