Fabolous & DJ Drama
There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service


Beats: XL
Lyrics: XL
Originality: XL

Fabolous has made a name for himself crafting female-friendly hits like last year’s “Throw It In The Bag.” But he doesn’t want anyone to forget he came into the game murdering MCs. So on his long-awaited mixtape, There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service—the sequel to Fab and DJ Drama’s 2008 project—the Brooklyn rapper utilizes his exceptional wordplay and smug delivery to black out on the competition.

Throughout the mixtape, killing the competition is a running theme. On the intro, “The Wake,” Fab raps, “This is the Holocaust, rap genocide/Ike Turner, take that bitch, slaps in the ride.” Fab’s rap foes are better off dead on “Suicide 2,” as he presents a list of suicidal suggestions for rappers that think they can compete on his level. Cam’ron and Vado play accomplice on the menacing “Body Bag,” as Fabolous runs through some of the ways he’d like to bring death to his enemies.

In fact, the Grim Reaper of rap is so unrelenting in following the theme here that, at times, he ends up beating a dead horse. Outside of the Nicki Minaj-assisted “For The Money,” the majority of the mixtape finds Fab digging deep to find new ways to describe death.

Ultimately, it’s a small price to pay for slaughtering the competition. Save for the long delay in its release TINC2 delivers that lethal product DJ Drama and Fabolous had long been promising, with deadly precision. —Chris Yuscavage