Fabolous chopped it up with DJ Kay Slay to discuss Loso’s Way 2 and told an interesting story behind the making of the Chris Brown-assisted record “Ready.”

“Even the record that I just released. The joint with Chris Brown—I actually did that record a year and a half ago. Before we even released it,” said Fabolous. “Chris, had the thing with Rihanna and all that so we gave that space just to clear. That was a touchy situation. We wanted to let everything he had to get out of the way done and then we released it. Just so the radio could feel me back in the streets on the radio. You know what I’m saying? And then everybody would ‘Oh okay, Fab is back.’ We got a record going with 2 Chainz recently...In the meantime while I’m preparing this gourmet meal that I’m cooking up.”

He also talks about Love & Hip-Hop situation.  Loso’s Way 2 release date has not been set. Watch the interview above.