Some may say that the New York hip-hop scene has long been floundering under the pressures to keep up with the genre-bending sounds of the south or the commandeering ethos of the west. And while the northeast no longer serves as the hotbed for new talent, longtime vets Fabolous and Jadakiss have mastered the art of longevity by sticking to their guns with consistently high quality releases.

But now, the two punchline-wielding rappers are uniting for a new mixtape titled Freddy Vs. Jason, according to a photo posted by Fab to Instagram on Sunday (Feb. 28). Fab and Jada have collaborated before but nothing on the scale of an entire release together. They previously linked up on "Respect It," "The Hope," "B.E.T.," Young Jeezy's "OJ" and Troy Ave's "Do Me No Favors." The two have shared sonic space on remixes and other tracks as well, as any two rappers around for as long as these guys are bound to cross paths frequently.

Jadakiss last released Top 5 Dead or Alive in November of 2015, while Fab kept afloat last year with two mixtapes, Friday Night Freestyles and Summertime Shootout. The versus theme has been done before, though perhaps not while evoking the two horror movie legends. Drake and Lil Wayne sparred off against one another in 2014 on a Street Fighter-inspired tour, while Bow Wow and Omarion released the joint album Face Off in 2007. There isn't much in the way of details provided by the Fab post with the promise of "coming soon" the only real indicator of what to expect. Check out the photo, which was snapped in Charlotte, above.

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