It has been six years since Evidence released his last solo album. The Los Angeles MC is set to change that by dropping a new LP later this year. To get fans ready for the project, Evidence unveils a music video for his latest song “Throw It All Away.”

The Stephen Vanasco-directed video uses simple black and white visuals to set the mood. Evidence roams around the city in the rain while spitting impressive rhymes over The Alchemist's production.

“I write to Alchemist cause others don't inspire me/I got my people and they got my back entirely/I kill with Iriscience on the side of me/And by myself I lay ‘em out and iron out the irony/What a long winding road it's been/With no sign of slowing up around its turns and bends/How many have friends that ain't foes within/Dirty laundry in the wash, but them clothes don't spin/I mean really, I kill two birds with one bullet/The target's when I line it up, the triggers when I pull it/Out the gate a bit late, but the champ is back/I need a third hand to wear my rings and hold plaques/I hit the track like the runners new/Hands high like a stickup, Killer Michael running jewels/It's true, the eyes slanted, my fam rock the planet/Don't take fans for granted like the money is due,” Evidence raps.

Although Evidence has been quiet on the solo tip, he has released plenty of material over the past few years. Ev teamed up with The Alchemist for an LP titled Lord Steppington in 2014 and followed that up with the Dilated Peoples comeback album Directors of Photography. Like those two projects, Evidence’s next solo album will be released through Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Watch Evidence’s “Throw It All Away” video below and cop the track here.

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