On the latest episode of the 10th season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Erica Mena broke down in tears after learning she would get $4,000 a month from Safaree for child support as a part of their finalized divorce package.

Last night (Nov. 7), LNHH aired a drama-filled episode that included Erica Mena initially learning the details of her finalized divorce and new child-support guidelines with Safaree. During the scene, Mena flips out when finding out the news, which includes her learning she will have primary custody of both of their children, Safire and Legend, and Safaree will be shelling out $4,305 a month in child support.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she questions someone on the phone while crying. "Now all of this financial burden with my children is on me? That's not fair ... Like, he doesn't have to pay none of it? This is fucked up."

Erica Mena filed for divorce from Safaree in May of 2021, after accusing Safaree of cheating on her after two years of matrimony. The divorce was finalized in September.

Safaree has moved on. He was dating Kimbella Matos. Over the summer, a sex tape leaked that allegedly showed the couple engaged in coitus. Safaree addressed the viral moment on social media after getting clowned.

"Y’all know damn well I wasn’t hard in that video!" Safaree shot back on Twitter. "I don’t need any promo to be leaking no weak ass half eroused sex tape! I’m appalled to be called a Di#% fisher. Out of everything I’ve been called in my life being called that 1 hurts. You can’t fake my onlyfans vids! You wish!"

Last month, Safaree had his own viral moment on Love & Hip Hop when he hit himself in the head with a chair while storming out of a scene.

See the Video of Erica Mena Breaking Down in Tears After Learning the Details of Her Finalized Divorce Below

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