The beef between Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez is getting ugly with the release of Bellinger's new video for "Yikes." XXL has the exclusive premiere.

After Bellinger dissed Tory Lanez on a version of Lanez's own song "Hate to Say," Bellinger takes the diss a step further, this time calling out Lanez in the "Yikes" video. In the Networkingz-directed visual, Bellinger slams Lanez for stealing the style of other artists and digs a grave for Lanez's Memories Don't Die album.

"Stole a vibe from Trey Songz/Took a flow of from K. Dot/Kinda sound like Fetty Wap/Dammit Tory, when will it stop?" Bellinger sings.

Later in the video, Bellinger adds a bit of comedy to the visuals, having a man go into a convenience store and attempt to get a refund for the Memories Don't Die project. "I need my money back," the man says after trying to return the album.

"I wanted to make a video that matched the energy of the song," Bellinger tells XXL of the inspiration for the "Yikes" visual. " I’ve done enough videos that were perfectly clean and polished but this one called for a more raw, straight-to-the-point vibe. Didn’t overthink it, didn’t worry about a big budget. Just pulled up the whips, brought out the hood... And the YIKES! T-shirts and told the homie to press record."

The feud between Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez began in June when Bellinger called out Lanez on Twitter for using his "This gon' be your favorite song" tag on his songs. "Sample my music, mimic my sound, copy my style.. But when it comes to my brand, find your own @torylanez,” Bellinger tweeted.

While Lanez didn't mention Bellinger by name on the introspective track, "Hate to Say," it appears he's rapping about the California artist when he says, "R&B niggas with Sisqó haircuts, wilding and styling/They dissing, guess they just tryna go viral."

Up next for Bellinger, the artist is preparing for the release of his next project, Eazy Call.

"My new album, Eazy Call, drops this Friday! One of my favorite projects of mine to date," the singer shares. "Sounds from every genre all cohesively intertwined into one sound, got artists from Ne-Yo to Tink on, it’s crazy! Excited to put it out and hit the road for tour as well as drop more music throughout the year. Oh, and to secure this Grammy!"

Set to release on Friday (April 6), the 15-track project features guest appearances from Wale, Dom Kennedy, Ma$e and more.

Check out the "Yikes" video below.

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