Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez have taken repeated jabs at each other through songs, interviews and social media since last year. With Lanez deciding to subliminally address the 31-year-old fellow crooner on "Hate to Say," this forced Bellinger's hand to respond with a lyrical assault aimed at Lanez over his "Hate to Say" instrumental on Monday (March 26).

The feud stems from when the California artist called out Tory on Twitter for using his "This gon' be your favorite song,” tag on tracks. "Sample my music, mimic my sound, copy my style.. But when it comes to my brand, find your own @torylanez,” Bellinger Tweeted.

The Memories Don't Die artist recalls all his feuds with Drake and Travis Scott on "Hate to Say," but goes about his beef with Bellinger in a shrewd matter as he doesn't want to bring attention to his name. "R&B niggas with Sisqó haircuts, wilding and styling/They dissing, guess they just tryna go viral," he spits.

The "Valet" artist quickly got in the studio and begins "Yikes" addressing how the situation escalated to this point. "What kinda nigga is proud to copy another man/First time you stole my shit I never mind it wasn’t stressin’/Second time you did it ok now this needs addressin’/Like any artist with my craft, I work hard/I thought you would understand but you was focused on the car," he raps.

Eric later calls out Tory by name and brings up all of the times he's allegedly stolen from artists in the past."Your only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented/Released a couple singles to ya fans you was red hot/Surely had a change of heart the day after ya album dropped," Bellinger rhymes. "Stole a vibe from Trey Songz/Took a flow of from K. Dot/Kinda sound like Fetty Wap/Dammit Tory when will it stop?"

Check out "Yikes" for yourself below.

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