Eric B. and Rakim aren't too happy with Compton-bred singer Eric Bellinger using the phrase "Eric B for President" for his own benefit. The singer was inspired by the rap duo's landmark single "Eric B. Is President" for his own Eric B. for President project series. Eric B. and Rakim made their opinion known in a recent series of harsh tweets. Now, Bellinger's coming to his own defense.

Using his Instagram to address the matter, Bellinger uploaded a screenshot of a caption from an Instagram post he shared last year around the time he released Eric B. for President Term 1. In the caption for the screenshot, Bellinger wrote, "I tried to give my guys some love..."

In the caption from the post he made last year, Bellinger wrote about how Eric B. and Rakim's seminal "Eric B. Is President" had made a lasting impression on his life. "Eric B. for President has been a title that's stuck with me my whole life lol Eric B & Rakim were 2 of rap music's most coveted pioneers," he wrote in one part of the lengthy caption.

Also responding to the tweets was Wale, who claimed the two musical dynamos had gone too far in labeling Bellinger a clown. For his part, Bellinger uploaded screenshots of Wale's response and Eric B. and Rakim's original tweets.

You can check out the whole saga in our gallery below.

Eric Bellinger Responds to Eric B. and Rakim Calling Him a Clown

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