Eric Bellinger has been quietly providing some solid R&B anthems to his loyal fan base for years, and his most recent project series, Eric B for President, has gotten his supporters through the winter season. While Term 1 dropped back in September 2016, and Term 2 released this past March, Eric B. and Rakim aren't jumping on the wave. The famed rap duo aren't too pleased with Bellinger's choice of title.

The veteran pair released their hit record, "Eric B. Is President" back in 1987, which has triggered cult fans to continue to feed the faux "Eric B. For President" campaign ever since. Now, the rapper-producer duo is calling out the "Sometimes" singer for referring to himself as Eric B. in the title, considering it could potentially bring in fans who originally searched for the veteran producer of the same name instead.

"This clown @EricBellinger still tryna fool listeners into thinking his music is @EricB so they download it," wrote Eric B. and Rakim on their joint Twitter account. "Maybe @EricBellinger just has never heard #EricBisPresident. Maybe it's time to make em clap to this."

The pair is not happy with the name, seemingly believing that Bellinger is trying to benefit off their legacy and famous slogan that they established in the 1980s.

"Where do @EricBellinger get off calling himself Eric B & his record Eric B for President? Nothing sacred anymore? Unacceptable Disgraceful," the duo tweeted.

Some fans have come to cape for the singer, claiming that he's not attempting to make any correlation to producer Eric B. with the name, and just abbreviating his own for a catchy title.

See Eric B. and Rakim reactions to Eric Bellinger's project title below.

Eric B and Rakim React to Eric Bellinger's 'Eric B for President' Title

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