For a long time, it was rumored that Eminem would star in Southpaw, a film about a troubled boxer. The stark character piece--the main character loses not only his career, but his family in what appears to be short order. When the film was first announced in 2010, it was with the rapper attached. However, a scheduling conflict caused a delay that turned into Mr. Mathers dropping out entirely. Now, the film is hitting screens, only this time with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role. Yet in the above trailer, released today (March 27), Eminem's presence is still felt. The latter half of the clip features a never-before-heard song from the Marshall Mathers LP 2 rapper; the hook suggests the song might be called "Phenomenal" or some variation thereof. There is no official soundtrack information at press time.

Southpaw has even more ties to the rap world. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson also stars in what, as far as we can parse from the trailer, seems to be an advisory role, that of an agent, manager or financial planner. When Gyllenhaal's character hits rock bottom, losing his daughter to child services and apparently being suspended from boxing for a year, it's 50's character who has to put the situation in plain terms. Who better to deliver a reality check?