Comedian Chris D'Elia turned plenty of heads when he delivered awesome Eminem impressions in a series of videos last year. Now, it looks like he's finally met his inspiration for the videos.

In a video he posted to his YouTube channel on Nov. 14, D'Elia reveals that he recently met Eminem after delivering a couple of hilarious impressions of the Detroit rapper. The comedian explains that he was in Detriot to do a comedy show when he got the call from his agent to come and meet "The Real Slim Shady" rapper.

"So we get there and we show up and Eminem is just sitting there like 'C'mon in! C'mon in!' We walk into the room and Em is sitting there," D'Elia discloses. "Eminem stands up and goes like this 'Flappin around like a babkin' to me and I'm like 'K, this is the craziest fucking thing already. He's doing my impression to me of him.'"

As previously noted, D'Elia went viral last year after his videos of him impersonating spread the internet. Eventually, Eminem himself watched the videos and was actually entertained by D'Elia's precise impression. Em was so impressed by D'Elia that he and Logic featured his vocals at the end of their recent collaboration "Homicide."

"He was like, 'You killed that impression, man. It was so funny... And the one in the garage when you're out of breath. Dude that's hilarious because I get out of breath sometimes.'"

D'Elia hung out with Em for about two hours in the studio and got to know him on a more personal level. Watch the comedian tell the entire story below.

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