EarthGang have been quietly brewing up some new material for their strong fan base and they're finally back with some unique visuals. The Atlanta duo just dropped the new video for their "Voodoo" record, which sees the two becoming victims to the spiritual ritual after their women seek revenge on them.

The beginning of the visuals show the girlfriends of Olu O. Fann and Eian Undrai Parker on the phone with each other, discovering their men have condom wrappers in their bags after coming back from being on the road. In a fury, the two team up to go to one of the ladies' grandmother's house, where they begin a voodoo ritual to manipulate the EarthGang members. Back at their home, the boys are relaxing on a couch, smoking some serious reefer before heading out on the town. As soon as they get to the grocery store, things go south, as the voodoo begins to kick in. The two rappers find themselves losing all control of their bodies, as the women use voodoo dolls to take over their movements, scaring off any potential women they meet while they're out.

By the end of the video, the duo ends up crawling to the grandmother's house, begging to be let go of the voodoo grip their girlfriends have on them.

It's been a relatively mum year for the rap pair, having most recently hopped on Nappy Roots' new record "The Void" with Scotty ATL.

Watch the new video for "Voodoo" from EarthGang below.

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