EarthGang's Strays With Rabies was one of the best albums of 2015. Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot showed that the modern Atlanta hip-hop scene is not simply about trap music. The duo let listeners know there are still artists maintaining the style and aura cultivated by the Dungeon Family.

The talented rappers got a chance to showcase two of their favorite tracks from the aforementioned LP thanks to the YouTube Music Foundry. YouTube's new initiative is an artist development program that helps emerging artists grow their fan base. EarthGang performed the songs during a stop at the YouTube Pop-Up Space in Nashville this past September.

"We linked up with some of our old brethren from Southwest Atlanta and some new brethren from the local spots to put a fresh spin on some of our favorite pieces from the album," EarthGang said. 'Punchanella' is named after a classic children's game played in a circle, where they take turns entering the circle busting moves for everyone else to try and mock. We made the song with the same free, rebellious vibe. 'A W O L' gave us a chance to be more integral in the production process. We got in the studio with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and crafted the song together."

If you have been sleeping on EarthGang, these performances of "Punchanella" and "A W O L" are sure to get you on the bandwagon. Look out for much more from Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot in the coming years.

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