E-40 is in the giving spirit this holiday season. This past Thursday (Dec. 22), the Bay Area MC donated $20,000 to his native Vallejo, Calif. community, according to The Mercury News.

40 Water says he knows how many families in Vallejo struggle to put food on the table, and he's doing his part to help out those in need.

“Knowing how many families they can feed, helping single parents and what not, I’m glad to be part of it,” E-40 tells the publication. “Vallejo’s my city and I’m just giving back... If I had a dollar, I’m going to give a dime. That’s how I’ve always been all my life.”

The Mercury News article delves into how E-40 waited in line for toys as a youngster at the Salvation Army when his own family couldn't afford gifts over the holidays. Now, the West Coast musician is in a position to give back.

“I’m in a great position,” he says. “I want to be a big influence. I hope anybody in my position can do the same. Even if you’re not, you can volunteer by giving out food. It’s good to give back. It’s good karma. You have to have a heart.”

In case you missed it, be sure to check out 40 Water's new projects, The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2.

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