E-40 has no qualms about sharing his expertise with others. The veteran MC tells listeners how to create their own come-up in the "Somebody" music video. The Bay Area legend sits in a theater to reflect on his life and drops knowledge for all those willing to learn.

“I got bounce-back abilities, get back skills and ideals/Buy a food truck and start selling Meals on Wheels/Drive a tow truck, so that it can help pay the bills/Create a app, get in the tech world and makes some scrill/Make a blap-rider hit record and get a deal/Get out the trap, buy me a house on top of a hill/Sharp as a tack, intelligent hoodlum, that's how I feel/Platinum plaques all on the wall for real, for real,” E-40 raps.

E-40's success has allowed him to give back to the community in a big way. The Vallejo native recently donated $20,000 to Salvation Army.

“Knowing how many families they can feed, helping single parents and what not, I’m glad to be part of it,” E-40 told the Mercury News. “Vallejo’s my city and I’m just giving back… If I had a dollar, I’m going to give a dime. That’s how I’ve always been all my life.”

Watch E-40's "Somebody" music video below and make sure to check out his double album The D-Boy Diary: Book 1 & 2, which features the Ricco Barrino-assisted track.

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