Korean rapper Dumbfoundead may be the hip-hop voice you didn't know you needed to hear because he offers what some emcees lack—perspective. And, that's just what you'll hear on Dumbfounded's long awaited EP, Rocket Man.

Hailing from Koreatown, Calif. the former YouTube sensation and accomplished battle rapper has established himself as a superb emcee in his own right. He spits bars that paint a picture from an immigrant and Asian background that few can replicate, let alone dominate.

Elegantly tiptoeing between lyrics that speak on his upbringing in Cali and his love for women, Dumbfoundead is wrapping up a stellar 2017—which saw him make appearances on All Def Digital—but found enough time to bless his fans with his latest EP, Rocket Man.

Rocket Man is a nod to not only the controversial North Korean leader and dictator Kim Jong-un, but also to President Trump since Rocket Man is the unflattering name of his rival. He even samples 45 on the title track.

Dumbfoundead offers a point of view that may seem out left field, but on its first listen, you know this is a guy who’s here to stay for a long time.

You can check out the video for the EP's lead single “Rocket Man” Dumbfoundead’s Rocket Man is on Spotify now.
Kyle Harvey

Dumbfoundead's Rocket Man EP Tracklist

1. "Rocket Man"
2. "Every Last Drop"
3. "Kill Me"
4. "P.A.A.C. (Protect At All Cost)"
5. "Eleven"
6. "The Defiant Wons" (feat. Jay Park)

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