This week's crop of videos takes XXL all the way from Dumbfoundead Huell Howser-vision of Los Angeles, to A$AP Ferg's church of Trap. In addition, XXL has brought in a number of cuts from newcomers for your enjoyment, including Perrion and Boosa Da Shoota. So without further ado, here's XXL's list of the best video fo the week.

Bambu Feat. Prometheus Brown - "Books"

Los Angeles-based emcee Bambu get his "Married With Children" on the recent visuals for his collaboration with Prometheus Brown "Books." Starting off with some stark footage of his native Philippines, the video quickly turns into a hilarious taken on the archetypal '90s sitcom family. The production values behind the video are what really sell it, from the tacky sets to Bambu's L.A. Kings Starter jacket.

Denitia & Sene - "Casanova"

Sometimes simpler is better, and director Pace Rivers proves that with his video for Denitia & Sene's "Casanova." Instead of employing highly-stylized editing or crazy camera angles, Rivers lets his artful shot composition flesh out the story, allowing the duo's music to take full focus of the viewers' attention.

Dumbfoundead - "Huell Howser"

Coming from Philadelphia, I've never heard of California TV personality Huell Howser. But veteran battle rapper Dumdfoundead and Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys give viewers a real sense of what the late host of "California's Gold" was all about. Heller's VHS-quality visuals give the video a unique flair, while DFD gives a hilarious performance throughout, something few rappers can accomplish when the camera's in their face.

Ro Ransom - "CM Punk"

Black and white is always a tricky visual element to accomplish - luckily for us, Harlem native Ro Ransom (formally Nero) and director Matt Baron nailed it on the video for "CM Punk." The video's dark greys and flat blacks paint New York with a gritty palette reminiscent of 1980's No Wave cinema.

Boosa Da Shoota - "Homicide"

Despite its polished visuals, what makes Boosa's "Homocide" video succeed is its ability to build tension. The opening portion of the video - in which  Boosa' affiliates are informed that the Slutty Boyz alum has been kidnapped - is exceedingly effective in its use of foreboding music and canted camera angles.

Perrion - "Get A Job"

Hip-hop is playing witness to a resurgence of lo-fi, '90s New York boom-bap, and one of the scene's soon-to-be rising stars is Harlem's Perrion. In his latest video, Perrion injects some laugh-out-loud moments in this DIY effort, all while capturing an authentic and unpretentious vision of his New York experience.

Bodega BAMZ Feat. A$AP Ferg - "Say Amen"

The image of A$AP Ferg preaching to pews of struggling trappers cut with scene of Bodega torturing an enemy Reservoir Dogs-style is so over the top it's impossible not to love. On the technical side, however, "Say Amen" is a fantastic example in how to use natural lighting to create artistic imagery.

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