California's own Dumbfoundead analyzes the omnipresence of violence in his new video for "History of Violence," a Chancellor-assisted track from his Foreigner EP.

Featuring clips of everything a small boy's confrontation with what could be a schoolyard bully to archival footage of Adolph Hitler, the visual for "History of Violence" is pretty comprehensive—dealing with everything from mundane fist fights to extraordinary feats of evil.

Toward the beginning of the video, we see clips of a monkey attacking another unsuspecting one, which seems to be Dumbfoundead's way of saying we humans were programmed to be violent from the very earliest stages of our evolution. Pretty wild idea, if you think about it.

An experienced battle rapper with razor sharp technique, Dumbfoundead sort of strays away from technically precise lyricism on "History of Violence," offering up a looser song structure where his verses flow into the hook and bridges seamlessly—sort of like how violence does from one avenue or person to another.

"Little homie/Runnin’ up on the bigger homie/Little homie/Wonder why their parents split up on me/Little homie/Got history like he roll with Kony," raps the West Coast lyricist, who dropped his We Might Die project six months ago.

The new song is fire, and so is the visual. You can peep the "History of Violence" video for yourself below. Cop Dumbfoundead's Foreigner EP here.

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