Parker, formerly known as Dumbfoundead, is the most prominent Asian-American rapper making waves in the genre. The 27-year-old hails from L.A., building his buzz off his impressive projects DFD and his latest Old Boy Jon. Hip-hop's been his calling for a minute and he's ready to prove his skills behind the mic can take him far.

I had a chance to see Dumb live during Rekstizzy’s release party for Whatever You Say last year. Packed shoulder to shoulder at Fat Buddha, he performed this record “Ganghis Kahn” that was clear standout and a fan favorite. For the track’s accompanying video, he exerts the same energy with more flair. We find him causing a riot in Brooklyn with a few interesting characters—one of them being Rek dressed in Adventure Time gear. It’s fun, goofy, serious and an overall dope watch.

Directed by Brood Baby. Peep more of his videos on YouTube, and download Old Boy Jon here.

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