DreamDoll has now jumped into the middle of the ongoing rap feud between Tory Lanez and Don Q.

On Tuesday (Jan. 29), the Bronx rapper released “On Ya Head,” a track where she spits lyrical darts at Tory for “Don Queen,” Tory's Don Q diss song that finds Tory implying that DreamDoll took money to have sex with Don Q.

“Uh, the same I met Tory, had him eatin' my box/Eatin' my ass, he tried to suck my feet through my socks/Don't ever say my name on no record, you tryna get props/'Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps,” DreamDoll spits on track, which finds her detailing Tory's alleged sexual preferences. She also shoots down claims that she ever had sex with Don Q.

In his original DreamDoll name-drop, Tory seems to be talking about DreamDoll's "Everything Nice (Remix)," which was a remix to a song DreamDoll dropped in 2017.

“You paid DreamDoll for a feature to get the pussy/And somehow you think you fuckin' with me/The first night I seen DreamDoll I fucked her for free/And now you walk around like somehow you got one up on me/Nigga please, this your brother part,” he rapped on his track.

On “On Ya Head,” DreamDoll calls Tory insecure and suggested that the Toronto rhymer performed fellatio on Drake so he can join his tour.

“I put the shooters at your lab in your mouth/You finally got a tour with Drizzy, now keep his dick outta your mouth (Dick mouth)/You've been beggin' for attention, beggin' for a lynchin' (Ugh)/You mad I post a comment to say it in my mentions, nigga,” she raps.

Listen to DreamDoll’s “On Ya Head” below.

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