Last Friday (Feb. 16), Drake unveiled his "God's Plan" video, which took the seemingly unprecedented step of making the donation of close to $1 million the focus of a visual produced by a major label.

Naturally, Drizzy's vid was met with praise from fans and non-fans alike, and quickly made an impression on folks across the U.S. One of those people was Jimmy Kimmel, who debuted a hilarious parody of the 6 GOD's new visual on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night (Feb. 22).

Kimmel's parody placed the focus on his pal Guillermo, who rocked a Drizzy-esque outfit and brandished a megaphone as he made his way over to a 99 cent store. His offer? Get anything you want—just so long as it's less than a dollar. The visual even gets a different version of Drizzy's opening credits announcing his massive donation.

"The budget for this video was $100," reads the opening credit. "I gave almost all of it away. Don't tell Jimmy."

Throughout the vid, we see folks flash their innocuous, but obviously unimpressed faces as Guillermo showed shoppers the power of the all-mighty dollar, which if taken literally, isn't all that much.

Recipients of bits of Drizzy's nearly $1 million donation—$996,331.90, to be exact—included a 20-year-old University of Miami student, a shelter for women and children and much, much more. Recently, the Toronto rapper indicated that he isn't through, either. Dope.

Peep Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious "God's Plan" parody for yourself just below. Watch the original video beneath that.

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