More life. More tattoos. Drake continues to ink his body with portraits of those he admires, with his most recent being a picture of Denzel Washington and his character in the 1990 Spike Lee film, Mo' Better Blues. Denzel was recently asked what he thought about Drizzy's tatt during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. That only led to more questions.

When Fallon asks Washington if he was aware of the tattoo, the actor responds, "I heard about this."

"I just don't know what body part this is from on Drake," says Fallon, showing the picture of the tattoo to Washington and the crowd. "Does anyone know Drake that well? Does anyone know what this his arm? Is this his back? It has to be bigger than his arm."

When no one in the crowd can come up with the answer, the curiosity starts to get the better of Washington who grabs the picture to get a better look. "You got me wondering now," he says. "Where is that? That's crazy. But I think he got some other people he admired tattooed as well."

"Maybe I'm on there," Fallon follows up, which draws a big laugh from Denzel and the crowd.

Drizzy has several tattoos of people on his body including recent additions of Lil Wayne and his late friend, Fif, who was killed in September.

Check out Denzel pondering over Drake's tattoo below.

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