More than one year after he was arrested on several felony charges, Drakeo The Ruler has reportedly been acquitted of murder and attempted murder.

According to Jeff Weiss' report for The Fader, the rapper was acquitted on charges of murder and attempted murder on Thursday (July 25). Weiss also reports that a jury is hung on a second count of street gang conspiracy that was leveled against the rapper. Weiss says the rapper will be in jail until at least Aug. 1.

Police believe that Drakeo, along with members of his Stinc Team collective, plotted to murder L.A. rapper RJ. Instead, cops say 24-year-old Davion Gregory was killed on Dec. 10, 2016. Drakeo was arrested on felony charges related to the case in March of 2018, and he's been behind bars ever since.

John Hamasaki, who worked as Drakeo's defense attorney during the trial, is happy with the outcome—even if he thinks it should have never happened in the first place.

"I am incredibly grateful for the jury's verdict after a brutal 8-week trial," Hamasaki tells XXL in a statement. "That said, this case should have never been charged. Drakeo spent 18 months in custody, six of them in solitary confinement, away from his family, friends, and fans. He faced life in prison without the possibility of parole based on a conspiracy fantasy of one out-of-control detective in Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Drakeo has been put through hell, based primarily on his music, his stature, and his success. I look forward to him coming home soon."

While Drakeo has been acquitted of most of his charges, his co-defendants, Stinc Team members Ralfy The Plug (Drakeo’s brother) and Mikell Buchanan were hit with convictions today. Ralfy was convicted on one count of possession of an assault rifle and "multiple" charges of second-degree commercial burglary. Buchannan was convicted of murder and counts of attempted murder.

Today's announcement marks a key moment in Drakeo's case, as the most serious charges are now behind him. Speaking to XXL last spring, the rapper, whom XXL previously profiled for The Break, explained the idea that police were out to get him. He also said he believed that authorities were jealous of himself and someone like Meek Mill, who served several months behind bars for probation violation for charges related to a firearms case from 2008, because of their success.

"I think they're jealous because [we] make more money than them," Drakeo said at the time. "They be mad. My situation and [Meek Mill's] situation is a little different, though."

See Weiss' tweets announcing the Drakeo verdict for yourself below. XXL has reached out to Drakeo's camp and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for comment.

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