Drake's son Adonis was stunting like his daddy at his 6th birthday party, while showing off his rapping skills with friends.

 Adonis Raps at Birthday Party

Adonis turned 6 years old on Oct. 11, and he celebrated his born day with a party with friends over the weekend. In one video captured of the event, Adonis is seen rapping while surrounded by young partygoers.

"Snakes in the grass, they got teeth," Adonis raps in the video below while being hyped up by the crowd. "Snakes in the grass go, SSSSSS."

Like father, like son.

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Drake Releases Adonis' "My Man Freestyle" Video

On Sunday night (Oct. 15). Drake released the video for Adonis' first song "My Man Freestyle." The track derives from Adonis' guest appearance on the For All the Dogs track "Daylight" and includes additional bars from the OVO heir.

"Don't talk to my man like that/I like it when you like it/My, my, my, my man/My, my, my, my man," Adonis raps on the chorus of the Southside, Smatt Sertified, T9C and Lil E$$o-produced track.

"I was waiting for this moment to arrive/I was driving in the car and I mash my car/I was playing on my iPad and I broke my iPad/I am going to my house, see my dad," Adonis rhymes on the second verse.

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See Adonis rapping with friends at a birthday party in the video below.

Watch Adonis' "My Man Freestyle" Video

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