Travis Scott was a special guest at Drake's Boy Meets World show in London Wednesday night (Feb. 1), but the surprise didn't quite go as planned, as Scott fell through a portion of the stage mid-performance. As a result, Drake told the crowd that he'd refund their tickets.

"I’m doin this shit for free tonight I don’t give a fuck," he says in a video below. "Y’all can deal with it later. You can pay for it later. Cause you know what, it’s real love in here tonight for my G’s. I don’t give a fuck about none of these people fuckin’ up. I’m giving all that shit back. Play the fuckin’ record, boy."

Later on, he thanks the crowd for their support, making reference to recent headlines. "We all in here together showing live and enjoying music and living life and this how the world supposed to be," he says. "So when you walk out those doors just remember that this is possible. London, England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show."

Scott appeared to be fine following the spill, climbing out and continuing to perform "Goosebumps." Drake's Boy Meets World tour continues this week with more shows in London before heading elsewhere in the UK.

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