Drake has decided to leave "Back to Back" in 2016. He said as much when he performed the song for what he said will be the last time at a New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas.

In the video, we see that Drizzy takes some time to explain why, exactly, he came at Meek Mill so hard in the song--even though we already knew the reason. “If people do the most left field, fucked up shit to try and tear you down, you still gotta win no matter what,” he says in the clip. “That’s the whole key about this shit. So I’ma do this song, and this is the last time I’m ever going to do this song…Winning by any means."

Drizzy then launches into the scathing diss track, which questions Meek's manhood by comparing the Dreamchasers leader's success to his girlfriend Nicki Minaj's and his "Twitter fingers." The Toronto rapper released the song back in 2015 after the Dreamchasers 4 artist let loose information about Drizzy's working relationship with writer/rapper Quentin Miller.

Of course, Drake's alleged use of a ghostwriter did very little to slow his success. Just a month ago, the Take Care creator was nominated for eight Grammy Awards. He celebrated the New Year with Jennifer Lopez. It's safe to say Drizzy is winning big, and we can see why he wouldn't even bother performing "Back to Back" going forward.

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