It looks like Drake found the woman who is going viral for rapping Lil Baby's "Wants and Needs" verse at a wedding reception.

On Monday (April 25), a video of Instagram user @brooklyn.staggss began to go viral after a commercial photographer shared her video on Instagram. In the clip, the woman is seen at what appears to be a wedding reception. Her and another woman at the party are rapping every word to Lil Baby's verse to Drake's Scary Hours 2 song pack banger "Wants and Needs," with Brook taking the lead. And we mean every single word. The woman, who is wearing a gown and holding a beer, impressively spits the Atlanta rapper's rhymes in full, complete with animated hand movements.

Drake apparently took notice of the lit clip and has since followed @brooklyn.staggss on Instagram.

brooklyn.staggss via Instagram
brooklyn.staggss via Instagram

Apparently, she's a King Von fan as well. There is another video on her page that shows her spitting the late rapper's "Took Her to the O," which appears as though it was taken at the same party. The woman seems to be soaking up her newfound fame. "Hire me to be your bridesmaid and I’ll make it fun," she captioned the Von video on TikTok.

Drake has proven before that he's a fan of a fan. In 2019, he took notice of a diehard Drizzy fan in Nigeria by the name of David Jagun who was covering Aubrey's songs on Instagram. Drake even offered to fly the guy out to one of his shows.

Check out the viral videos of a woman rapping Lil Baby and King Von lyrics below.

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