Drake got his Summer Sixteen Tour started Wednesday night (July 20) in Austin, Texas and went a bit off script when performing the stand-alone track that gave the tour its name. As seen the above clip, Drizzy starts his second "Summer Sixteen" verse with "All you boys doing fake 'Controlla's' wanna be me a little," rather than "All you boys from the new Toronto wanna be me a little."

When "Summer Sixteen" first dropped back in late January, it had come roughly a month after Tory Lanez dropped his mixtape The New Toronto. Stylistically, the comparisons between the two Canadian artists were there, but as time went on, the juxtaposition produced clear parallels, with Boi-1da calling Lanez a copycat for his song "Luv" and Lanez himself saying last month “I said I was a fan of his music before. No one’s ever took that from him. That doesn’t mean that I’m not here to take that crown."

Drake has been known to save some fireworks for his stage show, he once opened up OVO Fest with "Back to Back," and does so once more, narrowing his focus as to how "you boys" are emulating his style. Whether or not he's co-opting someone else's style with "Controlla" is a whole other debate altogether, but he is at least acknowledging the imitations in the wake of his wave. And among them as well may be Tyga who likewise has "Controlla"-esque single, one that Twitter users wasted no time in identifying as a makeshift replica. Tyga and Drake have their own history of beef, so Drake's edit could be seen as a two-for-one jab.

Add to it all that Lanez remixed "Controllas" and it's clear Drake is trying to rid his coattails some of what he perceives as inferior substitutes. Catch the on-stage moment above, with some of those "fake 'Controlla's" below.

Tyga’s “1 of 1” Sounds Exactly Like Drake’s “Controlla” According to the Internet

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