Looks like Drake wasn't filming a music video last month. The Canadian rapper recently shared a new short film to his website called Jungle.

In it, Drizzy gives you an introspective look at what it's like living his life. There are no glimpses of his tricked out mansion, but instead an inward sight of what the OVO frontman is going through.

Shot in what looks like Canada, the film starts off with Drake jumping into the back of a luxury car. From there, unseen footage of tween Drizzy singing and rapping appears. The film transitions into present time where the rapper and his crew—all decked out in OVO gear—drive around town and loiter at a local convenience store. Drake and his squad all have what appears to be Jamaican accents, which might be a metaphor for some form of escape the rap star is seeking. Red is a strong color throughout dream sequence of the 14-minute film. Red smoke, sand and lights cloud the screen. In the end, Drake wakes up from his heavily red-laced dream and is in a car. He's not a rapper sitting on $25 mill, but a regular old dude driving a janky Volvo.

This is the first visual we've seen from Drake in a while. Word is he's working hard on his next album in the studio and it will hopefully be out later this year. He most recently got on the track "Blessings" with Big Sean and Kanye West.  The film was scored by Noah "40" Shebib and features two new Drake songs. To make things crazier, Elliott Wilson—Drizzy's bestie—tweeted that more songs will be dropping today. Could this be the rumored follow up to So Far Gone? The six year anniversary for the breakout mixtape is tomorrow. XXL reached out to Drake's rep who have no comments on whether or not Drizzy is dropping more music soon. Watch the Karim Huu Do-directed film below.