Drake attended an NBA game, as rappers frequently do, earlier this week. And he sat courtside, as rappers frequently do, and he was caught on camera, as rappers frequently are. What makes the above clip, and perhaps Drake even, different, is his willingness to entertain.

By now, the dance is practically infamous, with mountains of memes coming forth parodying Drizzy's two step. Even Donald Trump got in on the fun this weekend. The "Hotline Bling" video breathed a bit of new life into the track as well, with Drake's smash still holding on to a top three Billboard spot. The song is seemingly everywhere, including basketball games. While at a Clippers game recently, Drake continued to share in the fun, breaking out a little hand-phone and performing a bit of the dance from his seat.

Late last week, a Drake billboard was spotted in Toronoto, suggesting that the rapper's Views from the 6 album is on the way. There's certainly enough buzz around "Hotline Bling" to get people clamoring, and it's good to see Drake in high spirits, always ready for when that meme phone rings.