With the 58th Grammy Awards airing on Monday (Feb. 15) it seemed as good a time as any for Jimmy Kimmel to update his "Mean Tweets" series with the third installment of musicians reading less than flattering remarks about themselves posted to Twitter by agitated, annoyed and otherwise mean users. This time around, the segment includes Drake, Common, Charlie Wilson and Wiz Khalifa.

Drake had participated in the fun this time last year, and rejoins Kimmel and his fellow insulted musicians in taking the remarks on the chin. Common read, "@common is that the motto for your penis?" while Charlie Wilson didn't know how to react to "Charlie Wilson reminds me of that old creepy uncle you weren’t allowed to be alone with growing up o_O." Wiz Khalifa looked perplexed by "I imagine Wiz Khalifa smells like Biz Markie's toilet brush" while Drake wasn't the least bit amused by, "Drake looks like a ferret with a baby afro!"

Both Wiz and Drake are wearing the same clothes as they were in "Mean Tweets - Music Edition #2," so who knows how many of these Kimmel is sitting on, or how many mean tweets each rapper gets in a given day. The first "Mean Tweets - Music Edition" featured Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pharrell and John Legend among other musicians. Watch the latest installment above, as rappers turn mean-spirited remarks into late night humor. Kimmel may even be able to do a Drizzy-only edition considering the slander the internet cooks up for the rapper.

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